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Bloomflow Collection

Release Date: 4 Aug 2023

Editions: 200

Bloomflow is a generative art collection of 200 pieces, entirely crafted with p5.js. The collection reimagines the art of the "Bloom" Collection in a mesmerizing circular arrangement, evoking the essence of a gentle breeze guiding the dance of circlets.

Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed "Bloom" collection, "Bloomflow" breathes new life into the same algorithm that once arranged various plants in bouquets. Here, the algorithm has metamorphosed, embracing the circular form, and unfolding an artistic journey that mirrors nature's cycles. Bloomflow Collection inherits the color palettes from the Bloom Collection as well, further strengthening their connection and creating a harmonious link between the two collections.

Each Bloomflow is a unique masterpiece, infused with many variables that ensure limitless possibilities of generative art.

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