Ties That Bind Collection

Release Date: 3 Mar 2023 - 19 Mar 2023

Editions: 150 (Sold-Out)

Ties That Bind is a generative art project that explores the beauty of colors, connections, and shared experiences. Created using p5.js, each piece in this collection is the result of an algorithmic process that produces a unique composition of colorful dots falling onto a grid of interconnected cells.

With three different modes that alter the composition in distinctive ways, "Ties That Bind" offers a diverse range of visual experiences while maintaining the core of cohesive narrative and design. The carefully chosen color palettes set the tone of the each piece, adding depth and meaning to the visual story of them for viewers to interpret and create their own personal connections.

The artwork in "Ties That Bind" showcases 3D-like order, where the texture and stroke effects on various elements create an organic and dynamic feel. The interplay of dots, cells, and connections of colors in the composition evokes a sense of movement, drawing viewers into a captivating visual journey. The generatively arranged elements in "Ties That Bind" result in a visually engaging experience that invites viewers to explore the intricacies of the artwork

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