Metamorph Collection

Release Date: 9 Oct 2021 - 1 Aug 2022

Editions: 500

Metamorph is a collection of minimalist generative art that embraces the beauty of simplicity in its design. The artwork features shapes drawn using node points on a circle, where the position of nodes is determined by a deterministic process. However, the next point chosen by the curve is randomized, resulting in varying levels of complexity based on the number of nodes used. Fewer nodes create minimalistic shapes, while higher node counts yield intricate and unique forms.

The complexity of these shapes is balanced with simple geometric forms, such as circles and lines, alongside a grid-form layout on the canvas, resulting in minimalist artwork. The collection includes a diverse range of color palettes that set the mood for the canvas.

Metamorphs artfully combines curves, geometric forms, grid layouts, and color palettes, resulting in a captivating interplay of simplicity and complexity that creates beautiful abstract art.

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