Cycles of Life Collection

Release Date: 22 Nov 2023

Editions: 250

The "Cycles of Life" collection is a vivid representation of life's organic progression, rendered through the sophisticated medium of generative art using code with p5.js. Each piece in this series is a symphony of patterns, colors, and forms that echoes the perpetual motion of life.

"Cycles of Life" series showcases a diverse array of designs. The algorithm balances different elements, symbolizing the unique journey of each living being. The interplay of lines and circles in different structural arrangements invites viewers into a space of geometric contemplation. Lines symbolize the continuous flow of life, with each hue capturing the spectrum of emotions that accompany our journey. The circles stand as milestones, memorable events that punctuate our narrative, varying in size to signify their impact. Together, these elements map the biography of a life, capturing the beauty, with all its joys and sorrows, triumphs and trials.

Ten color palettes provide the emotional undertones for each artwork, while numerous other variables subtly contribute to the distinctiveness of every piece. Despite this large variety, each artwork remains true to the collection's aesthetic, preserving a sense of unity making each piece a harmonious part of the larger "Cycles of Life" story.

What sets the "Cycles of Life" collection apart is its status as my first on-chain, long-form generative project, releasing on AVAX. This means that each piece is generated on the blockchain at the time of minting. The script and seed necessary for rendering the images are inscribed on the blockchain, securing their place in its permanent history.

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